After being away for eight years, Nick returned to his little hometown, Hilltop. Everybody in the town knew each other. They considered themselves as one big family, and the community came together when one of the residents needed financial support.

Nick had spent the last eight years working on construction sites in Austria. The company provided food and accommodation, so he managed to save almost all of his salary. He worked hard for his money, and he was careful not to waste a cent. The last thing he would do was let anyone take away what belonged to him.

He managed to save up a hefty sum and was back in Hilltop for a few months to build a home before returning to Austria. Four handymen joined Nick on the plot that he had bought to build the house every day.

A month later, they had completed the basement and the ground floor. Nick had always dreamt of owning a lavish home, so the plan was to build a second floor and a loft to be a gym and an entertainment centre. He knew that his home would be the talk of the town, and he wanted the result of his hard labour to be evident.

After finishing the day at around half past seven, Nick looked at the orange beam on the horizon as the sun tucked away behind the mountains and a few clouds had smudged the sky. He loved the crisp oxygen entering his lungs and the fresh smell of citrus exuding from the Norway spruce trees. His suburb felt like a little gem hidden from the rest of the world and had picturesque views.

Nick decided to take a walk to the shop in the city centre. As he walked over the small bridge with a yellow railing, he heard dogs bark over the field. He saw a German shepherd and a golden retriever. His lips curled, enjoying the sight of the two specimens.

A woman appeared from around the corner holding two dog bowls. The dogs settled down and spun as the brunette in shorts that exposed her long legs and tight ass put the bowls down. Nick’s eyes drifted away from the dogs and onto the brunette. He kept walking, but his eyes were fixated on her.

As she straightened her back, she noticed Nick staring at her. She looked at him and held eye contact as he walked past her house. His heart had gained a bit of momentum, and he felt his chest broaden. His senses had heightened, and his breaths had shortened. He couldn’t recall feeling so excited. It’s like the sight of the brunette had vanquished his problems and fuelled his energy. All of a sudden, the years of construction work and building his home felt like a minor task.

He had to know who she was. He had to meet her, even if she wasn’t interested in him or was married. Regardless of her feelings, Nick had to know her name and if he stood a chance.

At the shop, he spoke to the owner about the brunette. He told Nick that the house belonged to Boro, a respected man who had moved into the community while Nick was in Austria. Boro spent most evenings at McGilly’s, a local Irish pub.

Nick entered the pub and went to the bar. He asked the barman for Boro, then looked over his shoulder and saw a grey-haired, overweight man downing a beer. It was evident to Nick that Boro was an experienced drinker.

He walked to the table, smiled and said, “Good evening, sir. I’m Nick Hannaway.”

“How can I help you, son?”

“I was hoping I could buy you a drink. We haven’t met, so I thought I’d introduce myself since we’re neighbours.”

Boro would never say no to a drink and a friendly chat.

After several rounds of drinks and laughs, Boro invited Nick to his house. Nick had hoped for that result because having the father’s approval meant getting one step closer to the daughter.

They agreed on a Sunday lunch. Nick had showered, shaved, sprayed cologne and wore a collared white shirt with black pants and shoes. He bought a gift basket filled with a champagne bottle, snacks and fruit.

He knocked on the door, and the brunette answered. Nick’s eyes sparkled, and the sensation he felt the first time he saw her had returned. Her lips stretched, and she stared at him for several seconds before she said, “Hi, I’m Antoinette. I believe you’re Nick. Daddy said you’d visit.”

Nick loved that she referred to Boro as daddy. It was an innocent gesture that showed her respect for her father. Her contagious energy exuded from her body and penetrated Nick’s heart. She had magnetized him, and he couldn’t resist being drawn in. He wanted to be close to her, feel her chest against his and her soft hands on his face. Nick looked at her lips and wondered how it would feel to smooch them.

She extended her arm, and Nick grabbed her hand. It was soft just like he imagined it to be. If only he could touch the rest of her body and kiss it. He wouldn’t miss an inch. In fact, he’d kiss every inch several times. His dick hardened thinking about having her in his arms. He would do almost anything to make that happen.

In the dining lounge, Antoinette walked towards the table with a tray filled with meat and vegetables. Nick loved a woman that cooked well, especially a beautiful one like Antoinette. After the first bite, he complimented Antoinette on the food and the way she looked. Boro glanced at Nick, well aware of his intentions.

After dinner, Boro and Nick spoke in the lounge. Antoinette walked in frequently, serving snacks and topping up their drinks. Nick looked at her every time, and she smiled. Boro mentioned that his wife had passed away when Antoinette was five. She was his pride and joy, and he’d do anything to ensure the best life for her.

“I noticed you’ve got two beautiful dogs,” said Nick to Antoinette.

“I love them. They’re my babies.”

“Would it be okay if we go see them? I’m actually a dog lover.” That was Nick’s way of getting her alone.

Behind the house, they stood, almost rubbing shoulders, looking at the dogs. Antoinette told him the story of how she got them, but all Nick could think about was turning to her, grabbing her shoulders and shoving his tongue into her mouth. He wanted that so badly, but he thought she’d think it was soon.

They turned to each other and smiled. Nick’s heart told him she was the one. He didn’t need more time to be convinced. The only thing left was for her body to glide against his.

“You are absolutely divine, Antoinette.” She lowered her gaze, smiling and blushing. “Whoever ends up with you is one blessed man.”

Antoinette liked what she was hearing. She felt the same about Nick but held it back. They couldn’t stop smiling. They loved looking at each other and knew that their feelings were mutual.

The following day, Antoinette arrived at Nick’s home. They had agreed to see each other again, but Nick had no idea that it would be that soon. Antoinette held a basket with bottled water and sandwiches.

Nick smiled walking towards her, and she said. “Hope I’m not disturbing. I thought you’d be thirsty and hungry, so I brought something over.”

His smile broadened. He knew her sandwiches would be delicious, but it was her effort that he loved. Actually, he loved everything about her. Nick shared the sandwiches with the other handymen and then sat on the grass with Antoinette.

“What are your plans?” he asked.

“I’d love to get married and have a child.”

They smiled at each other. Nick didn’t want to get married, but he wanted to be with her and have a child.

“You’d make a great mother.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I’ve seen how you respect your father because you love him. You’d show the same love to your child. And you’re a caring person. Just look at the sandwiches they’re eating,” said Nick as he looked at the handymen.

She smiled at him. Antoinette loved that Nick appreciated all her gestures. His appreciation made the effort worth it for her.

“You’re a very special woman, and any man would be lucky to call you the mother of his child.”

After speaking for a few minutes, Nick walked Antoinette to the gate and thanked her again for the sandwiches.

That night, after the handymen had left, Antoinette showed up at Nick’s house. He had set up a bed in the basement and was reading when he heard the gate open.

Nick got up and walked outside. Antoinette smiled as she walked towards him in a flowery dress that exposed most of her legs, and her red lipstick showed him that she wanted to do more than talk. He grabbed her hand and led her downstairs.

Beside the bed, they faced each other, and Nick rested his forehead on hers and then brushed his nose against hers. Their lips infused and tongues slithered against each other as Antoinette’s hands slid to Nick’s lower back. His lips lowered to her neck, and she raised her chin, her fingers raking the back of his hair.

He unbuttoned her top and left a trail of kisses from her neck to her chest. He sucked her left nipple and stroked her right breast as she clenched a fist filled with his hair. Nick got on his knees and lifted her skirt, staring at her pink panties. He pulled it down, and he grabbed her right leg and raised it. She put her other hand on his shoulder to balance as he licked her pussy.

Nick fiddled with her clitoris as he licked her lips and poked his tongue inside her pussy. She moaned as her forehead wrinkled. He kept licking, making her wetter. She craned her head back and her face reddened as his licking drove her crazy. She couldn’t get enough.

He shoved four fingers inside her pussy, loosening her up as he licked her clitoris. Antoinette’s hair fell over her face as her chin brushed her chest. Nick’s licking made her want to squirt. Nick withdrew his fingers from her pussy and fiddled with her anus. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Something about his fingers hovering around her ass made her picture a thick dick inside it.

Nick stood up, and she got on her knees and unzipped his pants. She pulled down his jock and stared at his dick briefly before wrapping her lips around it. She kept bobbing on it and used a lot of tongue on his head. A wicked smile appeared on his face, as he loved her effort. She tickled his balls while she sucked his dick, and he closed his eyes and murmured.

After blowing him for several minutes, Antoinette bent over the edge of the bed and held the wooden headboard. Nick stood behind her and lifted her skirt to her lower back. He held it with his left hand so it wouldn’t slip down, and he inserted his dick into her pussy.

He grabbed her right shoulder and rode her. That was Antoinette’s first time, so she had never felt that wet before. Her eyebrows neared, and screams blared out of her mouth. She loved the hard pounding Nick was giving her. He loved her tight ass and long legs, not to mention her wet pussy. It felt amazing. He kept riding her, and her screams motivated him to carry on.

Antoinette’s pussy was dripping. She couldn’t hold the liquid in any longer, and Nick’s balls tightened so much that he grimaced as he felt a load about to erupt. He pulled his dick out and panted, sweat covering his face. He waited a few seconds to catch his breath and for the load to settle.

Nick lay on the bed, and she got on top of him. He held his dick as she sat on it. She straightened her back and scooped the back of her hair with both hands and bounced on his dick. Her tits bounced, and Nick grabbed both of them and squeezed. They were firm, and he wanted to lean towards them and suck a nipple. But her wild riding made him rest his head on the pillow.

More liquid dripped out of her pussy as she screamed. She loved the feeling of his hard dick inside her. His left hand glided up her right leg as he squeezed her left tit. Antoinette closed her eyes and smiled as she felt an imminent orgasm. Her body tensed up, and she stopped. She lowered her chin, tucked in her shoulders and groaned as lust pervaded her body.

She got off Nick and lay on her back. He got on top of her, and she opened her legs. He pushed his dick into her pussy and bobbed, his lips brushing her ear. She grabbed his waist, then slid her hands over his ass. Antoinette loved feeling his hard body against hers and their chests pressed against each other.

Nick stopped, brushing his cheek against hers. She kissed his neck. Suddenly, he thrust and groaned as his balls unloaded semen into Antoinette’s pussy.

He rolled over, and she rested her head on his chest. After talking for some time, Nick walked her out because Boro expected Antoinette home.

Antoinette came over to Nick’s place every day for the next few weeks. The sex kept getting better, and their love solidified.

Two months later, Nick completed the house. Antoinette showed up at the gate and said she had something to tell him.

“I’m pregnant.”

His eyes broadened. “You serious?”

She nodded as her lips stretched. He smiled and then grabbed her hip before spinning her around. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he smothered her with kisses. Nick was about to have a perfect life. The dream house and woman were in front of him and a baby was on the way.

A week later, Boro invited Nick to his house. In the lounge he said, “You got my daughter pregnant, so now it’s your responsibility to take care of her for the rest of her life.”

Nick frowned, unsatisfied with Boro’s demand. “Excuse me?”

“That’s right. I expect you to propose soon and take her to your house. Whatever she needs is up to you to provide.”

“I feel a responsibility to our child, and if Antoinette wants to move in with me, that’s something she and I will discuss.”

“I’m telling you as her father that it’s your duty to provide for her. Marry her soon because she is entitled to half of what you have so she can secure herself and her baby.”

Nick smirked, struggling to comprehend what he’d heard. “I’ll take care of my baby. Don’t you worry about that. As for Antoinette, she can enjoy what’s mine, but it belongs to me, not to her.”

Boro sat up and tightened his lips while staring at Nick. He couldn’t believe his audacity. “Seems to me like you don’t want to take care of your responsibilities. Then, I’m going to have to bar my daughter from seeing you. Get out of my house.”

Nick felt it was for the best that Boro cools down before they speak again, so he left.

The following day, Antoinette called Nick and told him that her father demanded she never speaks to Nick again. He thought Boro was unreasonable, so he went over to the house.

Boro refused to speak to Nick. He tried several more times on other days, but Boro wouldn’t budge.

A week later, Nick had to return to a construction site in Austria. But he wasn’t going to leave without Antoinette, so he contacted her to pack her bags.

While Boro was at McGilly’s, Nick came by the house and picked up Antoinette.

When they got to Austria, Antoinette called Boro to tell him that she loved him and would visit when the baby was born to show him the grandchild. Boro was extremely hurt by Antoinette’s betrayal that he drank even more.

Several months later, Antonette gave birth to a girl. She was getting ready to leave for Hilltop to visit her father with the baby. A knock on the door interrupted her packing. She opened it and saw Boro, drunk and covered in sweat.

He said, “Where is that son of a bitch?”

“Daddy, please.”

He brushed Antoinette’s shoulder as he stormed into the house. Nick walked out of the bathroom and opened his mouth to greet as he saw Boro. Antoinette watched Boro leap towards Nick and grab his throat with both hands. Nick clutched his wrists as Boro applied more pressure to his throat, reddening his face.

“Daddy, stop, please. He can’t breathe.”

Nick struggled to inhale a breath, and his eyes widened. he saw that Boro had bad intentions and that he had to defend himself. He thumped Boro’s chest, and Boro jolted backwards and stumbled before falling to the floor. He held his heart as he convulsed.



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