It’s summer in Europe, and I haven’t taken a holiday. I’m busy working for clients and thinking about how I’m going to organise a book launch for my debut novel My Wife and Girlfriend in Serbia.

Soon, I’ll be leaving Europe to promote the book globally. In the next few months, I’ll do book tours in South Africa, India, Thailand and possible the USA in late 2023. I’ve written nine other books that I will publish in the next few years. I’m excited about those books because they combine several genres and contain some amazing characters that I relate to.

The Erotica Lust podcast has been put on hold for the next few weeks. I’m proud to say that we had 10,000 weekly listeners, but I ran out of stories to post. The other issue was the text-to-speech software I used kept bugging, so now I’m looking for another one. The good news is that the podcast will resume within the next few weeks.

And that brings me to the short stories.

I love writing erotic short stories, which is one of the main reasons I started this blog. Since I became extremely busy with other writing, I’ve posted a short story every second week, alternating it with an article. That’s going to change. I’m going to post weekly short stories on Friday. Maybe once in a while, I’ll include an article, but get ready to see a lot more short stories on this blog.

I believe that 2022 will be a big year for this blog and my writing career. I’m going to embark on a massive marketing campaign for my books, and I have faith that the global book tour will be a success.

For me to carry on writing free stories, which you can access on this blog, I’d appreciate your assistance by buying my book. I’m running a special—3 books for $4.99.

Check back in regularly for the best erotic short stories with audio.



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