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After introducing my husband to my gorgeous friend, I never knew that things would pan out the way they did. Dylan and I met at a networking function. Our first date was on his yacht and on the second, he whisked me away on a private jet to Cape Town for a weekend expedition.

He had thick brown hair, a fit body, money and oozed charm. Mom and dad hadn’t even met him when they begged me to marry him. I was thirty and hadn’t had a boyfriend my entire life. They were worried that I would be single until death, and the thought of never having grandchildren frightened them. The last thing I wanted to do was disappoint my Christian parents after they put me through university while barely scraping by and providing everything they could to ensure that I was happy. The least I could do was give them what they wanted.

We returned home after a two-week honeymoon in Monaco. “Babe, I have to go fetch Leah from the airport. We’ll be back in an hour or so,” I said.

“No problem. I’ll see you two later.”

Leah had spent the last few years in Sweden, completing her Ph.D. in Psychology. She wrote her final exam on the day of my wedding, and we were both bummed that she couldn’t make it. Although she wasn’t there for my big day, we remained besties throughout the years and spoke every day.

As she stepped out of the gate, we shrieked and ran towards each other with open arms. I wrapped my arms around her lower back, squeezed her and pressed my cheek against hers. She cupped my face and smiled. “How’s my Nikki been?”

“Missing you like crazy,” I said. My hands were on her tight waist as I admired her long blonde hair and busty rack. “You’re even more gorgeous than when you left.”

She averted her eyes and smiled. “Come now, Niks.”

“What?” I smiled. ” I can imagine all those handsome Swedish men fawning all over you.”

“You know I’ve had my issues with men ever since Mick broke my heart.”

“Don’t let that get you down. There’s someone out there for you.”

“Men are the last thing on my mind.”

I grabbed her hand. “Let’s go to my house. I wanna introduce you to my hubby.”

We got into the car, and I glanced at her muscular thigh as her skirt lifted. It was evident that she had stuck to her stringent workout regimen since our high school days.

We arrived home twenty minutes later. Dylan was watching TV as I walked in with Leah, holding hands. His eyes widened, lips curled and chest broadened as he stood up. “I’m Dylan,” he said and stuck out his hand.

“Leah. Nice to meet you after all this time.”

“Yeah.” His eyes lowered to her body. “Definitely.”

My eyes darted from him to her. I’d be a fool not to admit to myself that hubby was impressed with what he saw. To be completely honest, I couldn’t blame him for enjoying himself. Leah was a bombshell.

“I’ll leave you two to catch up,” said Dylan before he went out to the pool.

We sat on the couch, our legs brushing. “He’s gorgeous, Niks.”

“Yeah. I could’ve done worse.”

She grabbed my arm. “Is everything okay? You’re happy?”

I smiled with compressed lips and shrugged. “I guess.”

“What’s wrong?” I looked down. “Is it still the same thing?” I nodded. “You haven’t been able to tell your parents?”

“No, out of fear of disappointing them.”

“Shame,” she said and rubbed my arm. “Dylan seems nice.”

“Much like you, he’s got the opposite sex wrapped around his finger.”

“You suspect something?” asked Leah.

“He goes out with his friends regularly, or so he says. I’ve seen some texts on his phone, but I never brought it up. Dad and mom want grandchildren, so I just kept quiet.”

“You can’t live like that.”

I shrugged. “What can I do?”

Leah put her arm around me, pulled me in and pressed her cheek against mine. “You poor thing.”

“Everything okay?” asked Dylan, standing behind us.

“Yes, babe.”

“I better get going,” said Leah.

“No, stay. We’ve got so much to talk about.”

“We will. We’ve got plenty of time.”

One of the things I loved about her was her honesty. We spent every day with each other, chatting at a coffee shop and shopping. She looked gorgeous in every dress that she tried, and she complimented my looks. Every time we saw each other for the next few weeks, I saw that something was on her mind.

“Spill it,” I said.

She frowned. “What?”

“I’ve known you for far too long. There’s something you wanna say to me.”

“I’m worried about you, Niks.”

“Don’t be.”

“How can I not be? You’re my best friend.”

“I’ll be fine.”

She raised the cup to her mouth, looked at the coffee and flashed her eyebrows. “If you say so.”

“What do you want me to say?”

“The truth.”

“Dylan has been out again twice this week. He came back home drunk the following morning, with lipstick on his shirt.”

Her eyelids lowered. “Oh, Niks. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’ll be fine.”

“How long can you keep doing this?”

My gaze lowered, and I sighed. “I don’t know. What choice do I have?”

“There’s always a choice.”

I went home and thought about our chat. Maybe the best solution is to go away for a weekend and clear my head. I need alone time to think and come to my senses.

Leah came to the house the following day. “I’ll take you to the airport,” she said.

“That’s nice of you, but it won’t be necessary. I decided that a drive there would do me wonders.”

Dylan walked into the house. “You’re ready to go?”

“I am.”

He kissed my forehead. “Hope you have fun.”

I hugged Leah in the lounge, then walked to the garage. She and Dylan stood in front of the garage and waved as I pulled off. I hooted and saw Dylan talking to her in the rearview mirror before I reached the stop street. Something about his body language and the way he touched her arm made me feel uncomfortable.

I pulled over around the corner and waited ten minutes.

After making a u-turn, I turned right into our street and saw Leah’s car still parked out front. She and Dylan were nowhere to be seen. I pulled up in front of the house, switched off the car and sat in it for an hour, contemplating if I should go inside or to the retreat.

I have to see what’s going on. As unpleasant as it could be, I have to confront it like a woman. I stepped out of the car and went around the back.

As I passed the pool, I hunched over to be below the window and squatted by the bedroom window, with my back against the wall. My head slowly raised up to the window, and I peeked over my shoulder. Leah was kneeling in front of Dylan in her white, lacey panties, sucking his dick.

She stroked it twice and tickled his balls, prompting him to close his eyes and smile. She ran her hand up his leg, lifted his dick and shoved his balls into her mouth. My eyes widened as I grabbed the window sill and leaned in. Dylan grabbed the back of her head and raised his chin. I couldn’t recall him enjoying my blow jobs as much.

He lay on the bed with his legs apart and feet touching the floor as she kneeled in front of the bed and bobbed down on his dick. Her hands ran up his abdomen and up to his chest as she raised her lips off his dick.

She pulled down her panties, sat on top of him, shoved his dick into her pussy and put her hands on his chest as she rode him. As he squeezed her tits, she closed her eyes and screamed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t know if I should run inside or watch to see what would happen next.

Leah turned around, and he tapped his dick on her pussy and shoved it in. She rode him with her back facing him and hair brushing her arms as she bounced on top of him. Her firm breasts barely wobbled as she looked up and sputtered moans. He pulled her hair, forcing her to crane her head back.

He grabbed her wrists, and she got off him and onto her knees, lowering her head to the bed. His knees were on the bed, and he held her wrists behind her back as he penetrated. Leah lowered her forehead and rested it on a pillow as Dylan increased the pace.

Dylan released her arms, stood on the bed and hunched over her to lower his dick to her ass. He shoved it in, grabbed the headboard and plowed her from behind.

After ten minutes, his face reddened. I saw that he was about to cum. He pulled his dick out of her ass and unloaded on it.

I squatted below the window sill, with my back pressed against the wall. I thought about leaving, but this nonsense had to end.

As I walked into the house, I heard Dylan talking to Leah. I walked down the corridor towards the bedroom. He opened the door and looked at me, his eyes widening and lips parting.

“What are you doing here, sweetie?” he asked.

I glared at him, bumped his shoulder and pushed the door open. “What the hell is she doing in our room?”

He stared at Leah with eyes and mouth wide open, then looked at me. “Nothing, sweetie.”

“Dylan, you bastard. How could you do this to me?” He reached for my arm, but I snatched it before he grabbed it. “Don’t touch me, you bastard.”

“Sweetie, come on. Let’s talk about this.”

“I want a divorce.”


“You heard me.”

“It was a mistake. Let’s just all relax and talk about everything.”

“I’ll get my lawyer to send you the papers,” I said and walked out.

A month later, the two million dollar settlement for the divorce reflected in my account. I went to the airport and called mom.

“I’m sorry that things didn’t work out between you and Dylan, my angel. I’m sure you’ll find a good man,” she said.

“Everything will be fine. I love you, mom. We’ll talk when I land in Sweden.”

I walked inside the airport and saw Leah smiling at me. She grabbed my hand, and I leaned in and kissed her lips.

“Did you tell your mom that you’ve been a lesbian since high school?”

“No. There are some things that should remain just between you and me.”

“Like what we did to Dylan?”



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