Many of us fantasize about doing certain sexual acts that may seem taboo. The thing about taboo topics is that numerous people have done them, and they have become normal to those people. You should live while you’re alive, and that means completing your sex bucket list.

I found sexual things that people have tried. Some are illegal (depending on where you live); others are dangerous. So, you have been warned. Attempt these at your own risk. On the other hand, some of you might’ve done them already or even something much worse.

Sex at the Graveyard

One of the things that makes sex more exciting for some people is the thrill of getting caught. The other is public sex. You’ll experience both if you have sex at a graveyard. It sounds eerie, but that’s the point.

I’m not sure what’s more extreme: graveyard sex during the day or night. Either way, this sexual act is one that most people haven’t done. At least, that’s what I think.

Try Rimming

If you’ve ever wanted to eat ass, rimming is for you. Ass licking, otherwise known as analingus, can provide a lot of pleasure to men as well as women. Hygiene is of the utmost importance when the anus is concerned, so make sure that your partner has thoroughly washed.

Rimming usually involves licking the outer edge of the anus, but some people go all out and stick their tongue in their partner’s ass.

Pool Sex with Others Around

If you’ve ever wanted to have sex in front of other people without them not knowing, a pool is a great place. Others will see that you and your partner are close, but they won’t know that you’re having sex if you do it right and they don’t peek under the water.

One position to try is grinding. The way you would grind your partner on the dancefloor, you’d do it in the pool. The man gets behind the woman, and your motions can be slow, almost appearing if you’re just rubbing your bodies against each other.

Another position is making out, with a woman’s legs wrapped around the man. You might not get hard thrusts in this position, but you can still penetrate.


Fisting is the act of a man shoving his fist in a woman’s vagina. It’s easier to accomplish the act with women who have loose vaginas than with tighter ones. If you attempt this, you have to be careful not to hurt the woman. That’s never the point.

Gradual progression might be the best way to achieve this act. Start with using several fingers, then work your way to clenching a fist.

Sex on a Nudist Beach

What better place to have public sex than amongst like-minded people? Numerous couples have had sex at a nudist beach that the spot has almost become synonymous with intimacy.

If you don’t want to be filmed having sex, a nudist beach might not be the place for you. Even if the people on the beach respect your privacy, some perverts practise voyeurism from a distance and use their cameras to record people having beach sex.



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