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I left Franklin at age 16 in search of the Hollywood dream. My drama teacher said numerous times that I was good enough to make it, and I always got a standing ovation at the school plays. The only thing that kept me in that small town for that long was Mom.

She worked hard to support us after dad passed away when I was a baby. Since she could do only so much, I was forced to become a man at the age of twelve by getting a job. I worked at the corner shop every day after school until closing, and I delivered newspapers and mowed lawns on weekends. It was physically excruciating, but the income kept our noses above the water.

I left Mom enough money to support herself for the subsequent six months, and I figured I’d make something during that period in Los Angeles to send to her, even if it meant getting a part-time job while pursuing acting. Seeing Mom cry before I left broke my heart. She was my hero, and I hated seeing her in pain.

The main reason I left is that I felt it would take only one break in my career to solve all our problems.

Everything had worked out just fine. Two months after arriving in Los Angeles, I landed a part in a sitcom, then a small-budget movie. My big break was starring in a Marvel movie. That catapulted my career and took me to higher stations in life.

I used the paycheck from that movie to buy mom a new home. The old one needed a roof replacement, a coat of paint and window and door varnish. Mom asked if I could avoid selling the old house because she wanted to visit it. I obliged. She refused to leave Franklin because of nostalgia. She and dad had grown up there, and she felt close to him in Franklin.

My career kept growing, and after one of the premiers, the producer invited the entire cast to a cocktail party at a New York penthouse. That’s where I met Fernanda Silva. She was a Brazilian supermodel who made waves after headlining Victoria’s Secret and being on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

What can I say about Fernanda? She was every guy’s dream girl. Her silky, brown hair reached her chest, and her green eyes sucked you in and made you surrender to her charms. Her smile had the power to lift a cumbersome weight off my shoulders, and her long, smooth legs possessed my hands, making me lose control of them as they slid over her thighs and calves.

As our careers grew, we became a power couple and the envy of the world. I loved the feeling of people putting us on a pedestal by giving us free meals at high-end restaurants and inviting us to exclusive functions. We were on numerous tabloid covers around the world, and I landed a few roles in blockbusters because the director wanted Fernanda to make a cameo.

Having a woman like Fernanda in my life meant that I had to splurge because she was accustomed to a lavish lifestyle. Taking her shopping at boutiques and flying private were our weekly outings. To be honest, I wasn’t keen on spending that much money. Growing up in poverty had taught me to be frugal, but being with Fernanda had its rewards.

One of them was sex.

She was wild in bed, and I loved it. I remember after a shopping outing, she walked out of the bathroom wearing black lingerie as I was in bed. She stood at the door, smiling and her hand on her hip and left leg slightly bent.

I sat up and smiled, eager to run my hands all over her body. She sat on top of me, her knees digging into the duvet as she put her hands on my chest and then pushed me.

She pulled out my cock and stroked it a few times as her left hand rubbed my chest. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them. God, they were so juicy. I couldn’t wait to have them in my mouth, but Fernanda took it slow, making me build up a tremendous amount of lust until I wanted to explode.

Fernanda crawled in front of my feet and then slid her hands up my legs and tickled my balls, making me close my eyes and moan. Her soft hands on my body had the power to elevate me to new heights of lust. She crawled over me, then lowered her body and pressed her chest against mine.

I ran my hands down her back and then grabbed her ass. Her smooth skin felt amazing. She kissed my chest, then raised her lips to my neck. Fernanda kissed my lips while rubbing my chest, and my boner pressed harder against her groin.

She took her lingerie off and sat on me, then pressed her hands on my chest and bobbed on my cock. Her motions were initially slow, but she increased the pace, grabbed the headboard and panted while looking down at me.

I squeezed her tits and kept my eyes on her as her pussy moistened. Her ass cheeks slapped against my legs as she increased the pace further. I groaned a few times, and she grimaced before raising her head and screaming. The headboard banged against the wall.

I spanked Fernanda’s ass, suggesting that she should ramp up the pace more. She straightened her back, squeezed my pecks and rode me wildly as she raised her chin and closed her eyes. Seeing wrinkles form on her forehead and her vehement facial expression showed me that she loved the hard pounding.

After a few minutes, she eased up the pace. I spanked her ass again to tell her to increase it. She did. Sweat had formed on her forehead and mine, but she kept going. Her short and rapid pants alternated with screams.

Her exotic looks was exquisite. I had never gotten used to her beauty, and I often stared at her during sex.

Fernanda got off me and then rolled onto her back. She spread her legs wide open and rubbed her pussy. I got up and stood beside the bed, then clutched her legs and pulled her towards me. She grabbed my cock and stuck it into her pussy, then bit her lip as she looked up at me. I knew that she wanted it hard.

She screamed as I penetrated quickly, and I kept up the aggression for some time. My chest expanded and contracted rapidly as I swung my hips. Sweat had glistened my body, and my mouth was open during the incessant penetration.

My hands glided over her abs and up to her tits, squeezing them. Her soft skin drove me insane, and I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I pulled my cock out and unleashed my semen on her stomach and chest.

A few weeks later, I called Mom and told her that I wanted to visit and introduce her to Fernanda. She knew that I was serious about her, and I wanted her approval. Making Mom happy was the most important thing to me.

When we got to Franklin, I decided to stop at our old house. We got out of the car, and I smiled while looking at it and reminiscing about my childhood. Although it was rough, I loved everything about it. Fernanda frowned at the house, looking disgusted with it.

I drove past Lisa’s house on the way to Mom. It was slightly out of the way, but I couldn’t help myself. She was a big part of my childhood.

She and I were initially friends, then developed strong feelings for each other. Lisa was the first girl I kissed and loved. I had never told her that because I didn’t want to make our separation more difficult. Although we were teenagers, we believed that we would be together forever. Feelings like that don’t just simply go away, regardless of how much time passes.

Before I met Fernanda, Mom asked me every time I spoke to her if I had called Lisa. She always reminded me that Lisa was respectful towards her, and she felt we were perfect for each other. Lisa was a small-town girl who prioritised family over material possessions and had always lived a simple life.

Everything changed when I left. Actually, it was me that changed. Lisa called me several times when I was in L.A. I figured it was best to leave the past where it belonged, so I never answered. Everything about Franklin reminded me of poverty, which I tried so hard to run away from.

One of the reasons I splurged on Fernanda was to suppress my fear of returning to poverty by disguising it with opulence.

After I parked, Mom walked out of the house towards us, smiling and arms wide open.

“My precious boy,” she said, then wrapped her arms around me. She pulled back and cupped my face. “How have you been?”

“I’m fine, Mom,” I said, smiling.

She looked at Fernanda. “This must be the wonderful girl you told me about.”

They hugged, and I smiled while looking at them.

At the dining table, Mom brought a pot of tomato soup. My head perked up as Mom removed the lid, and I said, “Looks delicious.”

“I know it’s your favourite, my boy.”

Fernanda kept staring at the soup, hesitant to pick up her bowl. Mom smiled at her and said, “Here, dear. Let me get that for you,” then dished up for her.

After the soup, Mom brought a dish of chicken a la king. I raised my eyebrows, smiled and said, “Hmmm. You’re spoiling me, Mom.”

“Anything for my boy.”

Fernanda kept her eyes lowered. Mom noticed and said, “Can I dish up some for you?”

“No, thank you. I’m fine.”

Mom kept quiet, but I saw that she wasn’t satisfied. She took pride in feeding her family.

After lunch, we sat in the lounge. Mom asked Fernanda, “What do you think of Franklin, dear?”

She shrugged and pursed her lips. “Don’t know what to say. It’s a small town. Doesn’t seem like there’s much going on here.”

Mom looked at me. “You should take Fernanda to see our other house.”

“I have.”

“And?” asked Mom, looking at Fernanda, who was staring at the floor.

“How is everything in L.A.?” Mom asked me.

“Everything’s going well.”

“For you, Fernanda?” asked Mom.

“I love it there. Our lives are perfect, aren’t they?” she asked me.


Mom looked at me from the corner of her eye, looking doubtful of that claim.

“You two should visit more often.”

“We’ll try, Mom. It’s just that our schedules are so hectic at the moment.”

“Don’t burn yourself out, my boy. Whenever you and Fernanda need some time to rest, you can always vacation here.”

Fernanda chuckled, then looked down, compressed her lips and put her hand in front of her mouth. Mom glanced at her, then looked at me and cracked a smile.

“We’ll come back soon, Mom. Don’t worry.”

She looked at Fernanda. “You must be so proud of Christian for achieving as much as he has with his career. I know I am.”

“Yes. He’s done well for us.”

“And to think that it all started here in Franklin.”

“Well, I think the best thing he did for his career was to get out of this loser town,” said Fernanda. She looked at me and added, “Now I understand why you tried so hard to distance yourself from this place.”

I looked down and grunted. Silence loomed for some time. My eyes raised, and I saw Mom looking at me.

“There’s something I need to tell you. I wanted to do it in person.”

“What is it, my boy? It sounds serious.”

I looked at Fernanda and smiled, then looked at Mom. “I proposed to Fernanda, and she said yes. We’re getting married.”

Mom looked at me for a few seconds, then slightly curled her lips. “Congratulations, my boy.”

That wasn’t the reaction I thought I’d get.

The following day, Fernanda was waiting for me in the car as I said goodbye to Mom. She cupped my face and said, “My boy, don’t ever forget where you come from. It’s this place that moulded you into the hard worker you are and instilled the principles in you that helped you become such a huge success. Franklin should serve as a constant reminder of how far you’ve come, and you should embrace that, not distance yourself from it. I’m so proud of you, and I know you’re going to do the right thing.”

I smiled and then kissed mom.

On the way back to L.A, I thought about what Mom said. I knew what she was actually trying to tell me.

A year had passed. My wedding day arrived, and I couldn’t have been happier.

On my way to the alter, my driver stopped at a traffic light. A bus pulled up next to us, with a picture of Fernanda in lingerie. I was proud of her accomplishments. She had achieved more success and fame in the last few months.

At the alter, I was looking down and had my hands crossed at the groin, then looked up and saw Lisa. I smiled, consuming her purity. She was more beautiful than when we were teenagers.



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