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Just because I’m a big breasted blonde doesn’t mean that I’m stupid and I fall for lame pickup lines.

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” asked a guy at the traffic light as I crossed the road.

I rolled my eyes and carried on walking. I looked straight to avoid eye contact, but I saw from the corner of my eye guys staring at my chest. Some of them even puffed and shook their heads. It’s like their reactions gave me insight into their thoughts about what they would do to me if I gave them the time of day.

“I seem to have lost my number. Can I have yours?” asked a guy at the next block.

Before walking into the office, I went to the bathroom to check my hair. I was glad to see that it glistened and cascaded off my shoulders. My bulging chest tightened the white top, and the black skirt fit perfectly to reveal my curves. The heels heightened me by five centimetres. I smiled and headed for the office.

The same culprits turned to look at me as I walked in. I had no choice but to be friendly to them.

I stopped at the shop on my way home. As I stood on my toes to reach for the cereal, a hand landed on my shoulder. I flinched and gasped.

“Sorry to scare you. Just wanted to tell you that you’re so beautiful,” said some loser.

I gaped and shook my head while walking away. Talk about bad timing.

At home, I dumped the grocery bag onto the counter and slumped onto the sofa before puffing. There’s no way I can carry on like this. Next time, some stalker could follow me home and hurt me. And those pickup lines, yuk. I thought about buying a car to drive to work, but I enjoyed the walk as a fitness regimen.

I crossed the road and walked into a clothing store. After picking out an outfit, I went to try it on. “Perfect,” I said, looking at the mirror. The baggie, ripped jeans and check shirt made me look overweight, and the beanie hid my blonde hair. The thick glasses made me look geeky, and the All-Star sneakers completed the skater girl look.

I test drove my new look the following morning and smiled all the way to work. Not one catcall or stare for the entire three blocks. Must be my lucky day.

The culprits at the office frowned and looked at each other when I walked in. I compressed a laugh, and I couldn’t wait for five o’clock to try out my new look again.

I spun in my flat and looked at the mirror. “Isabelle, you look fantastic. You should’ve thought of this years ago.”

The same scenario played out for the rest of the week. Not being bothered felt like I had regained my freedom. I could look men in the eye on the street and not worry about them ogling. They were the first ones to look away.

On my way home on Monday afternoon, I saw a guy looking in my direction from the other side of the road. I thought that he saw somebody familiar around me, so I carried on walking. He scampered across the road and intersected my path.

“Excuse me,” he said.


“I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to disturb you, but I had to let you know that you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. There was no way I could let this opportunity pass me by and let you go without telling you.”

I frowned as my lips curled. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, you look divine. I love your look. It’s so down-to-earth and refreshing.”

“That’s so sweet. I didn’t think anybody would see it that way.”

“By the way, I’m Noah,” he said before extending his hand.

I loved that name. It sounded so gentle and like he was some kind of a prophet who had a message that would enlighten me. That sounds crazy, but I really felt that way. I guess it didn’t hurt that he had curly, brown hair, stubble covering his pale face and an elegant coat that complemented his fit physique.


His smile was contagious and forced me to show my teeth. “Isabelle, you say? How delightful.” I loved his British accent and that he spoke like a character out of a Victorian play. “I’m sorry, Isabelle. Do forgive me for staring. I just can’t help myself.”

I smiled and looked down while feeling that my cheeks had flushed. “Not a problem.”

“Is there any way that I could grab your number and touch base with you? Nothing would make me more jolly than hearing your voice again.”


I put my number into his phone and gave it to him. His hand brushed mine, and our eyes locked. The sparkle in his eyes made me feel safe.

“I’m sorry. I do have to rush,” he said. “It was wonderful meeting you, Isabelle.”

I watched him cross the road and wished that he would turn around and wave. No such luck. I couldn’t stop thinking about our encounter on the way home, and I felt like it was something out of a fairy tale.

Can’t believe there’s somebody who doesn’t gawk at my breasts while talking to me and my simple look fascinates him. I checked my phone an hour later and saw messages only from friends. It’s fine. I’m sure he’ll call tomorrow. He didn’t.

My lips were tight, and I glared on my way to work. Who the hell does he think he is ignoring me?

While binge-watching at home with an ice cream tub, my phone rang. “Hello,” I said.

“Isabelle, it’s Noah. How are you?”


“I do apologise for not calling sooner. I’ve been here at the hospital looking after my sister.”

“Oh, what happened?”

“She has these terrible migraine attacks and checks into a hospital every couple of months. This time, it was really bad.”

“How long has she been there for?”

“Since the afternoon we met. I found out an hour before I ran into you, and I was actually on my way here when I saw you.”

Awww. That’s so sweet. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“She’s feeling better, and I thought, what better way to get my mind off things than to catch up with you?”

“I’d love to.”

“Great. I’m so looking forward to it.”

I stood in front of the mirror the following night and wondered about which outfit to wear. If Noah thinks he’s seen the best of me, he ain’t seen nothing yet. My blonde hair curled and the tight pink dress revealed my cleavage and showed my legs.

The following night, I walked towards the restaurant. “Woah,” said the waiter when he opened the door for me.

Noah perused the menu as I approached. I smiled and couldn’t wait to see his response.

“Hi,” I said.

He looked up and frowned. “Hi.” His eyes widened, and his lips parted as he leaned in. “Isabelle, is that you?”


He stood up and kept the bemused look on his face. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Maybe, compliment my look. I did it for you.”

“For me?”

“Yes. I thought you’d like it.”

“Is this how you dress and who you really are?”

“Actually, yes. The other look was to avoid all the creeps who approach me.”

“So, you lied to me?”

My smile faded. “No. I just felt comfortable with you to show you the real me.”

He looked down and shook his head. “I’m sorry. I have to go.”

“Noah,” I said as he dashed out of the restaurant.

I scuttled after him and almost stumbled outside. Damn these high heels. “Noah, wait. Please.” He stopped. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think you’d react like this.”

“You lied to me. The Isabelle I met is not the one who’s standing in front of me.”

“I thought that you’d like this Isabelle more.”

“No, I don’t. The reason I was so smitten with you is that you reminded me of my late wife. She used to dress exactly the way you looked.”

“How did she pass away?”

“We were involved in a car accident. I kept looking at her during our conversation and an oncoming car swerved into my lane and hit us. It’s all my fault. Seeing you in those clothes brought back so many happy memories for me. It’s like I was standing in front of Emma again.”

Oh, my God. Can he be any more wonderful? “I’m really sorry to hear that. I didn’t dress that way to lie to you. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you? Please. I’m actually begging you. This is not something you’ll ever see me do.”

“Well, now that you mention it. Nothing would give me greater joy than feeling close to Emma again.”

“Okay. What can I do?”

“Would you dress the way you did and let me be with you?”

We went back to my place, and I put the outfit on. Noah smiled and asked me to spin around. After the spin, I sat beside him and smiled. He put his phone on the table, grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes.

“You look beautiful,” he said.

He unbuttoned the check shirt, kissed my shoulders, slid his hand down to my groin and rubbed over my jeans. I leaned back and took off the glasses.

“No, don’t do that. It’ll ruin the moment. I want you to look just like Emma.”

I put the glasses back on. He pulled off my jeans, then the g-string and opened my legs. He rubbed my pussy and licked it, and I closed my eyes and moaned while running my hand through his hair. Noah waggled his tongue and fiddled with my clit.

“Oh, God. That feels good,” I said.

He rushed to get undressed, then stuck his dick in me and thrust. My eyes closed as I craned my head up and parted my lips.

“Yes. That’s it,” I said. Noah thrust harder, and I screamed louder. “Oh, God. That’s it.”

After 15 minutes of missionary, he smacked my thighs. I knew that meant I should get on my hands and knees.

He grabbed my waist and pushed his dick in. God, it was so hard and girthy. The corners of my eyes wrinkled as I closed them and clenched my teeth. Noah clutched my hair and pulled it back.

“I’m cumming.”

I turned around and kneeled in front of him. His load splattered on my face. “Aaaaaahhh.”

I was disappointed that it was brief, but I understood that he needed to get used to me and that next time would be much longer.

When I hugged him at the door, his lips crashed into mine. I pulled him inside, but he resisted. He knew how to end on a high note and leave me wanting more.

After I closed the door, a phone rang. I looked at the table and saw that it was Noah’s. The caller id showed it was Sis. That must be his sister. I don’t wanna answer anybody else’s phone, but what if it’s a life and death emergency and she has to get hold of him?

“Hello, this is Noah’s phone. Isabelle speaking.”

“Hi. Can I speak to Noah, please?”

“Sorry. He left his phone at my place. I presume you’re his sister.”

“Yes, I am.”

“I’m so sorry to hear about your terrible migraines and being hospitalised.”

“I don’t have any migraines, and I’m definitely not hospitalised.”

“Oh. Maybe it’s another sister.”

“I’m the only sister Noah’s got.”

“Just out of curiosity. What was Noah’s wife’s name?”

“He’s never been married.”

“I see.”

Noah knocked on my door the following day. “Hi. I left my phone here yesterday.”

“Your sister called.”

“She did?”

“She’s never had migraines and said that you’ve never been married.” He looked down. “I’m wondering why you lied and made up that whole story.”

“You looked insecure in that clothing, and I like taking advantage of insecure girls. Then, when I saw you at the restaurant, I was actually blown away, but it was the perfect opportunity to speed up the sex by making you feel guilty for lying.”

“You’re sick. You know that?” He remained stolid. More proof that he was a psycho. “I’m actually glad that I met you because it made me realise that being myself is what’s best for me.”

“Why’s that?”

“Even though I attract immature guys when I dress my usual self, I attract psychos when I’m not myself. So, it’s always best to just be me. Thanks for showing me that.”

“You’re welcome.”

I snorted a laugh. “Get out.”

I walked to work the following morning in my usual attire and a smile on my face. When I approached road works, I tip-toed on the cobblestone to avoid getting my heel stuck.

“Watch your step, darling,” said a construction worker.

“That’s so nice of you. Thank you.”

“I wouldn’t want you falling for somebody else.”

I grimaced. “Ugh!”


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