Most of us have fantasised about having sex in public, but only a few of us had the audacity to try it. The excitement of getting caught is one of the reasons that public sex appeals to so many people. Depending on where you are in the world, it can be illegal to have sex in public. So, what should you do to make the experience steamy yet safe?

Choose the right place

If you’re doing it for the first time, you might be apprehensive about sneaking off into the gym studio or the park. Newbies who want to play it safe can start by having sex in their backyard. A more extreme version of that would be the balcony. Another great place to start is your car. Park somewhere deserted if you’re afraid of being spotted; otherwise, go for a parking lot in a mall if you’re feeling audacious.

A place that will give others more exposure to you is the roof. People flying over your building or others who live in a taller skyscraper might get a glimpse of you going at it. You can also opt for an outdoor shower, especially when located in nature.

A sex party is an option. You can remain discreet by attending one where masks are compulsory. The beach is a popular spot for outdoor sex. Nothing beats watching a sunset with a woman who is riding your dick. Having sex in a tent is also considered public sex. The extreme versions include public toilets, offices and behind trees.

Be prepared

Public sex can happen in the spur of the moment, but try to plan it so that the experience is pleasurable and safe. When you plan, make sure you have items that will cover you so you’re not exposed. Having a towel or a blanket to cover yourself and a partner not only prevents you from exposing yourself to rash, pebbles, seashells or dirt, but it can help you get a leaner sentence if caught.

Exposing your naked body to bypassers can land you in big trouble, but movement under a blanket that covers both of you tends to be less explicit and sexual. Don’t forget condoms. Once done, you should throw them away in a rubbish bin, not leave them around for others to see. That sounds like common sense, but common sense isn’t so common.

Lose yourself in the moment

Now that you’ve selected the right spot and brought items to cover yourself, it’s time to let go of all your inhibitions and let loose. The reason most people have sex in public is a change of scenery, but the feelings you experience during intimacy in private should be the same as in public.

Worrying about if somebody is watching you or if you’re going to get caught is likely to affect your performance. Having sex in public is about adventure and urgency, so get to it. If you really want to feel the excitement of outdoor sex, then you’re going to have to forget about everything and lose yourself in the moment.

The right position

Choosing the right position for your selected spot affects your enjoyment of public sex and your exposure. Having sex in the missionary position at a movie theatre might prove to be uncomfortable and impractical. If you’re going to have seated sex, try the benchwarmer. In this position, the man sits on the edge of the seat, and the woman sits over the man’s penis. She faces the man sideways and has her legs dangling over his leg.

Couples who insist on having standing sex can try the tree pose. The woman presses her forearms against a tree or a pole, and the man lifts his leg while penetrating from behind. The tree pose can be one of the most discreet positions if done right. A man can quickly tuck his dick back into his pants and pull the woman’s dress down if people are in the vicinity.

Try the picnic spread. In this position, a woman will sit on the high part of the table and place her feet on the bench, facing the man. To get really intimate, she may want to wrap her legs around him. Put a blanket on the table to ensure comfort.

How to avoid getting caught?

Find a place where you are not close to children. Adults might giggle if they spot you having sex, but they could be furious if they’re with children. Places such as the beach at night, sex clubs or a pub toilet tend to be children-free.

Have a backup plan if you’re going to have sex in public. I mentioned the tree pose position, where the man only pulls out his dick and pulls up the woman’s dress. That way, they have their clothes on and can be fully dressed within seconds. Being covered with a blanket on the beach means that all you need to do is stop the motion in order to remain surreptitious.

Have an exit plan. If you’re going to have sex in an enclosed area, find a spot where you’re close to an emergency exit. Being spotted might be embarrassing, but an emergency exit will help you to flee the scene and avoid arrest.


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