reading erotica

Why reading erotica is good for you

Romance books have become extremely popular, with more than $1 billion in annual sales. That’s more than most genres combined. It’s fair to say that romance books are extremely popular and have paved the way for a steamier subgenre known as erotic romance. Reading erotica

virgin at a college party

A virgin at a college party goes wild

Olivia found herself in the library again, reading adventure books. She thought that college would be different from high school, but she was friendless and lacked fun. She enjoyed reading books, but she also wanted to try something new. It would be nice if she could meet someone

value of friendship

Two women realise the value of friendship

“How’d the gig go, Mon?” asked Shirley. Ten people showed up.” Shirley’s eyes broadened. “Hey, that’s an improvement. Things are getting better.” “I guess if you look at it like that.” Monica slumped onto the sofa and sighed. Shirley sat beside her, held her hand and rubbed her arm.

read erotic stories

reasons that should make you read erotic stories

Erotic content is available all over the internet. Although pornographic videos garner a lot of views, some people prefer to leave erotic scenes to the imagination. Since sex is more mental than physical, many people have discovered pleasure in reading erotic material.


threesome: An unintentional but pleasant surprise

A threesome had swirled around my mind for some time. The only problem was finding two hot guys who knew each other and wanted me. A friend had suggested that I join a gym to meet guys. Three months had passed since I tasted dick, so I was desperate enough to overcome laziness