Millions of men around the world have wondered about how to make women orgasm. Some have tried but only a few know the proper techniques. The good news is that there are several techniques men can use to increase their chances of giving women an orgasm.

If you follow the guidelines in this article, you might have a new female stalker begging you to let her come inside your house to give her something that only a few men can.

1. Use Your Mouth

Before you can kiss a woman, you have to hold her hand. So, before you can have sex with her, she has to let you kiss her. Not only does kissing set the mood, but it will help her to reduce stress.

Research proved that if you tilt your head to the right during the kiss, it makes you seem caring. Here’s the key part: Make sure that your lips make their way to her neck. Women love that. It’s sexy and a major turn-on for them.

You have to keep the ball rolling, so that means removing an item of her clothing when you kiss her neck. Don’t rush. When you take off her top, compliment her on her chest. Do the same for the legs and ass. Compliments help women to reduce their self-consciousness.

2. Tease Her

At this point, you should’ve undressed her to her underwear. Remember not to rush with taking off the bra and g-string to see the goodies. Good things come to those who wait.

Fondle her breasts and ass over the fabric. The key thing to keep in mind is anticipation. You have to give her hints of what’s to come but not rush to the finish line.

She needs to feel that she’s rushing more for you to make the next move than you are. Take your time with taking off her bra. Slip off the one strap, then the other. Squeeze her shoulders before giving both a peck.

The next step is to slide your hand down slowly to her vagina. You should move your fingers in circular motions inside her vagina. Do it slowly.

3. Use Your Tongue

Now comes the fun part. This is the time to use one of the strongest muscles in your body. No, not your dick. I’m talking about your tongue. It’s one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal when you’re learning how to make women orgasm.

Use one hand to pull up her clitoral hood, the small flap of skin where the inner lips meet. Lick from one side to the other, across the base, which is above the clitoris. Use a finger from your other hand and put it on her perineum, which is below the opening of her vagina.

4. It’s Time To Enter Her

The first chapter was all about giving a taste of things to come. Don’t take foreplay for granted since it sets the stage for the sex. Giving women orgasms involves making her feel comfortable and leaving her craving for more, so don’t rush foreplay or undermine its powers.

Now that you’ve made her feel comfortable and stimulated her, it’s time for the next chapter: give her the dick. Since you took your time with arousing her, make sure you do the same with the sex, which should be longer than foreplay.

Which Position Will Do the Trick?

You have to decide on the best position. Choose one that will maximize clitoral stimulation. Missionary will probably work best to achieve the stimulation.

After you’ve gotten on top of her and stuck in your dick, pull it back so that the base rests on her clitoris. Giving her a hard pounding might also do the trick, but we’re focused on stimulating her clitoris. Instead of thrusting, you should rock backward and forward. This will massage her clitoris.

The other option is to bang her from behind. That’s not enough since you have to focus on g-spot and clitoral stimulation. You might have to use toys for her clitoris while you focus on stimulating her g-spot since most men are useless at multi-tasking.

5. Keep Doing What Works

For some strange reason, we, as men, feel the need to change things when they’re working. It’s almost as if we think that the thing working needs a variation. Think about it this way – If your woman fell for you because you were funny, why would you think that being dull will make her want you when you’re in a relationship?

The same holds true for making her orgasm. So far, you’ve done well. Why do you want to stray away from what’s been working? This is not the time where you should try and pull a new magic trick out of the bag. Keep doing what’s been working, dummy.

If you change what she’s been enjoying, then you risk the chance of her losing focus on what’s made her build up all the tension. By veering off-course, you might have to start from scratch. She might even get annoyed at you for stripping her of the joy you gave her, so don’t.

Extra Tips About How To Make Women Orgasm

After following the above steps, your woman will feel pure ecstasy. She will beg you for more, and that’s exactly what you should do. Not only is it important that you carry on with the proven technique, but you should do it as long as possible.

I’ve mentioned that sex should last longer than foreplay to give her the optimal orgasm. If you’ve spent ten minutes on foreplay (longer is fine), then you should try to double that amount when plowing her.

Think about it this way – If you were driving a Ferrari for the first time in your life, would you want the joyride to end after five minutes, or would you want it to last as long as possible?

The longer you last, the more pleasure she receives. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. So, make sure that you keep giving it to her. Every step of the guidelines above is important, so make sure you follow it. Remember, most women are more in touch with their psyche than men, so make her picture what’s in store and wonder when it’s coming.


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