We’ve all been there: weeks, months and even years without sex. Frustration builds up, and you want to snap at the guy who cut you off in traffic or the retail clerk who didn’t smile at you. Those are just the weeds. The root of the problem is that you haven’t been laid. The good news is that you can get over sexual frustration.

Of course, the best way to get over sexual frustration is to have sex. For whatever reason, that’s not always possible. So quick fixes exist.

Hang out with Friends

Nothing gets your mind off problems quicker than going out with friends and having fun. Being in the company of someone positive, non-judgemental and understanding helps you feel that your problems aren’t as big as they appear.

When you’re having a good time with your friend, your shoulders lower, your lips curl, and your eyes sparkle. Besides helping you get over your frustration, your friend has made you more attractive by bringing out your joy. Now, you’ve become attractive again to those around you. And if you’re in a social gathering, someone might notice your positive demeanour and approach you.

Take a Holiday or Go Away for the Weekend

Leaving your primary residence for a relaxing environment has a way of making a person feel like they’re also leaving their problems behind. A holiday or a weekend getaway puts you in a relaxed mindset and makes you believe that you’re not going to encounter problems where you’re going.

The same repetitive routine of going to work and coming back home can have a devastating mental effect on you. It’s crucial that you always try something new and experience different places to feel that you have options and taste variety. Besides, going away on holiday, especially by yourself, has a way of loosening you up because no one you care about is around to judge you. Your carefree attitude may attract someone like that.

Have a Massage

The build-up of frustration stiffens your shoulders and throbs your head. That leads to more physical and mental pain. You need to relax, and the best way to do is by someone touching you to release the angst out of your body.

Having a massage requires you to lie down and close your eyes. That, on its own, is relaxing. But having a professional massage lets your body recover from the mental abuse that passed down to your body because you hadn’t felt someone else’s privates in a long time.

Get Plenty of Rest

Sexual frustration usually stems from being unsatisfied with several aspects of your life. But being tired only augments frustration. Do yourself and everyone around you a favour by sleeping long enough regularly. People who are sleep deprived accumulate more frustration.

Having a good night’s sleep is almost like a reset button. Sure, your problems still exist, but rest helps you recharge, making you more resilient and positive.


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