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The Hamiltons had wealth and seemed like a happy family to outsiders, but they were anything but. Nolan’s mother had died from cancer when he was a boy, so his father married Anastasia, a beautiful Russian woman and Craig’s twenty-year junior.

Anastasia had long brown hair, pale skin, wore red lipstick and had a slim body with long legs. It’s not like Nolan hadn’t noticed. Which 18-year-old male wouldn’t? Showing respect for his father’s marriage was the last thing on his mind since he had blamed dad for not spending time with his late mother while she was alive.

Nolan was watching TV in his bedroom when his dad walked in. “I was hoping you and I could go skiing this weekend,” said Craig. “It’ll be good for us. A few days as a father and son getaway, alone and without any distractions.”

“I don’t think so, Craig. Maybe another time.”

It always bothered Craig that his son referred to him by name, but he didn’t want to pour more fuel on the fire. “I was really hoping you’d say yes. You sure you don’t want to change your mind?”

Nolan rolled his eyes and shook his head. “What did I just say?”

Craig put his hands up. “Okay, my boy. Don’t mean to disturb you. I’ll let you get back to what you were doing.”

He went to the lounge and found Anastasia lying on the sofa and talking on the phone. She spent another fifteen minutes on the phone before acknowledging Craig’s presence and telling her friend that she had to go.

“Is everything okay, sweetie?” asked Craig.

“I’m trying to organise a spa retreat, but my girlfriends are messing me around.”

“Sorry to hear that. I’m sure everything will work out.” Craig looked at the floor for a few seconds, waiting for his wife to ask him what was on his mind. She didn’t. “I’m a bit worried about Nolan.”

“What’s wrong with him?”

“He’s very distant. I haven’t managed to close the gap between us after all these years.”

“Spoil him. Buy him something that he’ll love you for.”

“You think that’ll work?”

“Absolutely.” It worked on me, you old fool, thought Anastasia.

Craig’s lips curled while thinking about getting a hug and a smile from his son after he surprised him with the gift he knew Nolan would love.

He arranged everything that afternoon, and the gift arrived the following day in front of the house. Craig knocked on Nolan’s door. “Son, can I show you something outside?”

“What is it?”

“I think it’s something that will pique your interest.”

Nolan slid off the couch and walked past Craig without looking at him.

He walked outside and saw a sheet covering an object. “What’s that?”

Craig smiled and said, “Take a look.”

Nolan pulled off the sheet and gaped at a blue Lamborghini. Craig’s eyes sparkled as he felt that he had penetrated Nolan’s shell, and he handed him the keys. Nolan raised the scissor door and got inside. He ignited the engine and revved the gas. “Woah!” He exclaimed. “This is awesome.”

Craig laughed. Seeing the joy on his son’s face made him happy. His smile slightly faded as Nolan pulled the door down, then drove off. He didn’t get the hug he was hoping for, but he felt that he was on track to winning over Nolan.

After driving around for hours, Nolan booked a hotel room on the card that his dad had given him, and he called Anastasia to come over.

She opened the door and stood in a grey coat while Nolan smirked from the bed. She unbuttoned the coat, opened it up and let it slide off her onto the floor. His smile got broader as he admired her red lingerie and fishnet stockings.

Anastasia put a black, butterfly musk on because both of them were turned on by role-play. She tip-toed to the bed, then crawled on it towards Nolan. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down, then whipped out his cock. He intertwined his fingers on the back of his head and smiled as he looked at Anastasia hover her lips over his tip.

She licked his tip, then looked at him. His cunning smile told her that he couldn’t wait for the full service. She stroked his cock twice and covered his tip with her lips. He put his hand on her head and pressed it down. Anastasia’s mouth engulfed his cock, and she tickled his balls. Nolan closed his eyes and smiled.

He pulled off his shirt, then ran his fingers through Anastasia’s hair as she bobbed up and down on his cock. Her voluptuous lips felt great on his cock, and it made him harder.

Anastasia stood on the bed, slipped her g-string off and swayed her hips. Nolan couldn’t wait to feel her pussy, so he stuck his hands out. She got on her knees and sat on his cock. They intertwined their fingers as Anastasia bounced on his cock, her chin raised as she closed her eyes and moaned.

He loved that she was tight. She increased the pace, and her moaning got deeper. Nolan ran his hands from her waist up to her tits and squeezed them. They were small but firm, just the way he liked them.

Ten minutes later, Anastasia raised her ass and turned around. He grabbed her waist as she sat on his cock with her back facing him. She leaned back and pressed her hands on the bed. Nolan assisted her in the bouncing by raising her up with his hands on her waist. Her hair cascaded off her shoulders as she jumped on his cock and screamed. Nolan felt that he was about to erupt, so he pulled his cock out.

Anastasia stretched her hands out on the bed. Nolan got behind her on his knees and stuck his cock in her ass. It was still tight, despite Nolan sticking his thick cock in there numerous times. Her face flushed, and she grimaced as Nolan pounded her from behind. He grabbed her hair and pulled it back, making Anastasia wetter.

Her tight ass gripped his dick and made him climax. Nolan carried on the penetration as his load gushed into her ass.

He spent the night at the hotel, and Anastasia went back home to avoid Craig’s suspicion.

The following day, Craig called a family meeting. He felt that his topic would bring him even closer to Nolan and would please his wife.

“Hope you’re enjoying your car, son.” Nolan nodded. “Good. I’m glad. I asked both of you to join me because I’ve got something very important to share with you. Ana, my darling wife.” She smiled with compressed lips. “You know I love you and will do anything for you. Nolan, you’re my blood, and I love you.” He looked at Craig with a deadpan expression. “I’m going to have my will drawn up today, and the two of you will be beneficiaries.”

Nolan and Anastasia looked at each other and smiled. The day they had waited for their entire lives had arrived. “That’s wonderful, darling,” said Anastasia.

“You two will share everything I own fifty-fifty. Needless to say, both of you will be set for life if something happens to me.”

Neither of them responded by saying that they wished Craig would live for a long time.

“Cool,” said Nolan before he went back to his room.

Anastasia pecked Craig’s cheek and ran her finger across his lips, then tapped his nose.

For the next two weeks, Craig tried to get closer to Nolan by offering to spend time with him, but his efforts were futile. Nolan rejected him every time since he no longer needed anything from his dad. The only thing he couldn’t wait for was to inherit the millions.

Craig knocked on his son’s door. “What is it?” asked Nolan.

“I need to speak to you for a second.”

He opened the door and stood in the frame. “Yeah.”

“I wanted to say goodbye before I leave. I’m going on a business trip to Switzerland, and I won’t be back for about a week.”


Craig wanted to hug his son, but Nolan’s folded arms and phlegmatic expression told him that he was unwelcome. So, Craig put his hand on Nolan’s shoulder, smiled and said, “Be good, my boy. I love you.”

As soon as Craig left the house, Nolan went to Anastasia’s bedroom and had sex with his stepmom in her marital bed. They banged the entire night.

The following morning, Anastasia received a call from an airline. “Mrs Hamilton, My name is Tom Hawkins and I’m calling from Pan Airways. I’m sorry to inform you, but your husband had a heart attack during the flight last night. We did everything we could to save him, but he passed away.”

Anastasia raised her head off the pillow and asked, “What?”

“I’m really sorry. If there’s anything we can do to help, please, let us know.”

“Thank you very much for letting me know.”

She hung up and shrieked, then stood on the bed and did a victory dance. “We’re rich! We’re rich!”

“What are you talking about?” asked Nolan.

“Your dad passed away.”

Nolan was taken back a bit, more so because he wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon.

They had sex to celebrate their newfound fortune. During the cuddling, they spoke about how they would travel the world and buy each other expensive gifts. Talking about money made them horny, so Nolan got on top of Anastasia and stuck his cock inside.

Somebody in the room grunted.

“What was that?” asked Anastasia.

Nolan stopped. “What?”

Anastasia looked over Nolan’s shoulder, and her eyes widened as she stared at Craig. Nolan got off her and turned around. “What the hell’s going on?” he asked. “I thought you were dead.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, Nolan.”

Anastasia sat up. “What’s going on here?”

“Darling, I thought you said you loved me.”

“I do, my love.”

“You’ve got a funny way of showing it.” Craig looked at Nolan. “I can understand her betraying me, but not my own blood. That was the really painful thing to discover.”

“How did you know?” asked Nolan.

“I’ve learnt in business that you find out how somebody feels about you only after you promise to give them your money. There was something odd about both of your reactions when I told you about the will. Then, there were also numerous occasions that both of you were out of the house at the same time. But I had to be sure, so I put cameras around the house while you two were out and then made up a business trip.”

Anastasia got off the bed and walked to Craig. “My love, it’s not what it seems.”

“Get out.”


“Get out of my house right now. You’ll have the divorce papers in a few days. The smartest thing I did with you was the prenuptial agreement.”

“The hell with you. I never loved you anyway. All I wanted was the money.” She looked at Nolan. “Can you give me a ride?”

“Sure,” said Nolan. “At least we’ve got each other.”

“It’s a pity things turned out this way,” said Craig to Nolan. “I wasn’t always around, but I tried to make up for the lost time.”


“One last thing,” said Craig. “Although things didn’t work out between us, I hope you realise that there’s nothing more important than family. One day when you have your own, I hope you treat them better than you treated me.”

“I don’t need you. I’ll make a family with Anastasia.”

“Suit yourself. Just leave the Lamborghini keys behind and the credit card. After all, both are still in my name.”

“Fine,” said Nolan. He put the keys and the card on the nightstand. “Let’s go, Anastasia.”

“Um…I think I’ll catch a taxi.”


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