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“We’ve just had a few new books come in. So, I’m going to need about half an hour to put them on the shelf before we can go,” I said to Joshua.

“Okay, my munchkin. I’ll wait for you outside.” His lenses fogged up as he smiled.

A customer interjected our conversation. I checked his query on the system, looked up and saw that Joshua was gone. I had built up quite an appetite, so I was eager to finish so that we could go to lunch.

After putting the new books onto the shelf, I pushed the trolley towards the counter and glanced at the romance books. A book was sticking out of the shelf from the erotica section and looked like it could tip over any second. Something about that section made me blush, which was the reason I avoided it.

I should just go there and fix that book. Nobody’s going to think I’m a slut. I’m only doing my job. I looked around and saw my colleagues chatting, and Mrs Greyling was by the cooking section as always. I walked towards the book, my shoulders stiff and eyes focused straight ahead, not daring to dart.

My heartbeat sped up as I approached the book. The plan was to smack it to pop it back onto the shelf and scuttle back to reception before anyone saw me. A picture of a man with an incredible six-pack and chiselled chest was on the front cover, with a woman standing behind him and her hand over his groin.

I gulped as my mouth dried. I reached for the book and wanted to slot it back into place, but something about the picture made me grab it for longer than I should and unleashed my desire to look inside. A quick scan of the perimeter showed me that the coast was clear. Nobody’s going to know, I heard a voice inside me say. I was uncertain if that was my head or lust speaking.

I licked my dry lips as I flicked through the pages. The next picture was hotter than the previous one, showing kinky fetishes that I could only wish Joshua and I would explore once married.

My heart beat even faster, but it was an exciting beat. It’s as if looking through the book brought out the desires I had not dared to explore out of fear of being judged.

At the top of the last page was a website. I gathered from the description and pictures that they hosted parties, so I memorised the url.

I slotted the book back in and pushed the trolley to reception as my eyes darted to ensure that nobody saw me.

“Bye, Samantha,” said a colleague on my way out.

I was so worried about getting caught that I had forgotten my manners in the midst of panic. “Bye,” I said as I glanced at her and quickly exited.

Joshua was waiting for me outside. He was so sweet for visiting me at work almost every day and taking me out to lunch every Friday. I loved that we were similar, but I wished that he would be the first to break our shell. There was no way I would be the first to suggest doing anything before marriage, and he definitely didn’t seem like the type.

We had dated for five years and had only kissed two months into our relationship. Our plan was to marry once he got his MBA, which was in two years. I’d be lying if I said that waiting that long to finally have sex didn’t frustrate me.

I got home that afternoon and took a shower. As the water cascaded off my body, I recalled the picture of the couple in the shower from the book.

After patting myself dry, I flipped the laptop up and typed in the url. My lips stretched, and my eyes widened as images of naked bodies flashed onto the screen. I felt like I had teleported to a fantasy world where there was no judgement, and expression with your body was encouraged.

My hand slid up my thigh and towards my vagina as I browsed the pictures of the couples wearing masks while touching each other. The images looked like they were from an actual party, making my fantasy feel more real. No, Samantha. Come on. Log off. What would Joshua think if he knew you were browsing this naughty website?

As much as I wanted to stop, I kept browsing. The picture of the girl in doggy style made me rub my vagina, close my eyes and picture myself in her position. I so badly wanted to be her.

I grabbed the mirror from the table and looked at my big, geeky glasses and brown hair tied in a bun. A girl like you doesn’t belong at such a place.

A box popped up on the screen and flashed. It showed details of the next party, which was the following night and about half an hour’s drive out of town. My heart beat faster and yearned to know more. They emphasised the importance of anonymity by providing sleeping masks so that nobody could even see each other.

My foot tapped as I contemplated going, but my inexperience held me back from clicking the book button. A link below the details took me to the next page, showing pictures of the darkroom and mentioned the maidens package. That was their specialty as they catered to virgins who wanted to unleash their suppressed desires in a safe and discreet environment.

I stood up and paced as I thought about what could go wrong. It was safe, out of town and all of us would wear masks. Joshua would never know, nor would anyone else.

My heart bashed against my chest as I leaned over the chair and hovered the cursor over the book button. I clicked it, reserving myself the maidens package.

The following morning, Joshua called and cancelled our plans to meet up that night at the park. I was glad because I didn’t have to come up with an excuse, but I found it a bit strange since it was the first time he did that.

After taking a shower, I brushed my hair and put contact lenses on. I couldn’t recall the last time I had my hair loose, but I liked it.

On the way to the party, my palms sweat as I clenched the wheel. I looked in the rear-view mirror and reminded myself to breathe. Telling myself that I could back out anytime I wanted helped to settle the nerves.

The GPS took me off-road and directed me towards a big house on a farm. The bulky man at the gate showed me where to park and said that he would meet me at my car.

After I switched off the car, I took three deep breaths and reminded myself that nobody knew me. The man from the gate approached, opened the door for me and held my hand as I stepped out.

“Name?” he asked.

“The Shy Girl.”

He scrolled down his clipboard and said, “Ah, the maidens package.”


“You’re in room 121.” He handed me a sleeping mask. “Here, put this on. Do not take it off at any time and no talking inside. Your partner is waiting for you in your room.”

“How am I supposed to see where I’m going?”

“I’m going to escort you inside the room. You’ve got two hours. Then, a silent buzzer in your room will go off, giving you fifteen minutes to wrap up. I’ll come and fetch you and escort you back to the car.”

My chest expanded as I dug deep into my chest for oxygen. “Okay.”

“Relax. There’s no such thing as embarrassing yourself here. Everyone is like-minded, and nobody knows anyone.”

“Good. Let’s go.”

I put the mask on and held out my hand. He grabbed it and escorted me inside. As we walked in, I heard classical music playing but couldn’t hear anyone talking. That made sense since everyone must’ve been inside their rooms.

I heard a door open, and we stepped inside. “We’re here,” said the man. “Remember, no talking or taking off masks.” I smiled and nodded. “I’ll come and fetch you later.”

He shut the door. I felt somebody standing close to me. Two hands landed on my waist and slid up to my chest. As he squeezed my chest, my smile broadened. I put my hands over his and felt that they were soft. He cupped my face and pressed his lips against mine.

I thought that he was going to slip his tongue into my mouth, but he lowered them down to my neck. I raised my chin, raked the back of his head and felt the elastic of his mask as his tongue licked my jawline.

He unbuttoned my shirt and slipped off my top, then kissed my shoulders and unclipped my bra. I loved the feeling of being half-naked in front of a man who couldn’t even see me. He put his hands on my shoulders, slid them down to my chest and squeezed my breasts.

He licked my left nipple, then the right. I felt him get on his knees as his lips lowered to my abdomen. I put my hand on top of his head as he unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down.

He kissed my groin, then pulled down my panties. His hands glided up my calves, over my thighs and up to my ass. He squeezed both of my cheeks and kissed my vagina. I spread my legs apart and pulled the back of his head towards me, then felt his tongue on my vagina.

I felt myself getting wet and couldn’t wait for him to touch me more. He stuck his finger into my vagina and licked my clitoris. It felt even better than I had imagined. He caressed my ass with one hand and held my leg with the other as he carried on licking. My lips parted as I raised my chin and closed my eyes.

He stood up, put his hands on my shoulders and turned me around. He flipped my hair over my right shoulder, then kissed my neck while pressing his boner against my ass and holding my waist. I slotted my hand in between us and grabbed his dick. It was so hard, and I couldn’t believe how good it felt to touch one.

He grabbed my shoulders again and shifted me forward. My knees walked into a mattress, and I felt him nudge me forward. I presumed that he wanted me to bend over, so I arched my back and pressed both hands on the mattress.

I heard his zipper rip apart and his pants drop. He grabbed my waist and pressed my back slightly. I lowered it and perked my ass up. As he stuck the head in, I clenched my teeth and closed my eyes. My hole was tight, but the moisture helped him to slip it in.

I moaned as he stuck his dick in further, and I heard him groan. My breathing became heavier as I hung my head and anticipated that he would stretch me. As he thrust, my head jerked up, and I shot out a guttural groan. He grabbed my shoulders and sped up the penetration, making me scream louder and wrinkling the corners of my eyes.

He kept wheezing as if he was about to cum, and I felt that he was really excited. I felt my whole body loosen as I finally felt what it was like to be touched by a man who wanted sex as much as I did. Sweat formed on my forehead, and I dunked my head and panted as he slowed down the thrusting.

He pulled out his dick and tapped it on my thigh. I straightened my back and turned to face him. My hands slid down his chest and abdomen, then his legs as I kneeled.

I grabbed his dick, stroked it three times and put it into my mouth. I dragged my hands over his abdomen as I sucked his dick, then felt him tense up and groan. His load shot into my mouth as he clenched my hair with both fists. Never in my life did I think I’d have anybody’s cum in my mouth other than my husband’s, especially not a stranger.

The buzzer went off, and we got dressed.

I heard the door open, and the man from the gate said, “I’m gonna grab your hand and escort you outside. Don’t take the mask off until I say.” I nodded.

I felt fresh air brush over my jaw after we walked out of the door. “You can take it off,” he said. I slipped off the mask and saw that we were beside my car. “How was that?”

“Amazing. When is your next party?”

“In this town, a couple of months from now.”

“A couple of months?” I asked.

“Yeah, we travel throughout the country, so we’ll eventually be back.”

“Aw, shoot. I was hoping to attend sooner than that.”

“How’d you find out about us?” he asked.

“The Get Kinky book.”

He smiled and nodded. “Ah, yes. Being featured in that book definitely boosted our business.” He frowned. “But wait. Why don’t you check that book for other parties? It gives a list of several organisers. That book is pretty much like a directory.”

“You’re joking?”

“No, check it out.”

I smiled. “Thanks for tonight. I had a great time.”

On my way home, I felt slightly guilty for cheating on Joshua. More so than anything, I wished that he could bang me like that. At least, I had other options until I got married.

During lunchtime on Monday, Joshua stopped by. “I thought I’d surprise you, my munchkin.”

“Awww, that’s so sweet of you,” I said.

“Sorry about cancelling on Saturday. I thought I’d make it up to you by taking you out to lunch.”

Oh, shoot. I wanted to take a sneak peek at Get Kinky now, probably won’t have a chance later. “Okay, my angel. Can you give me about fifteen minutes, and I’ll be with you?”

“Sure, I’ll wait for you outside.”

I turned around and went to the photocopier to make sure that Joshua had left. I made a photocopy and looked around to see where my colleagues and visitors were. The coast seemed clear, but I didn’t want to take any chances by going straight to the erotica section, so I went around.

Fortunately for me, the shelves were high, so nobody would see me if I snuck into the erotica section unless they were in the same aisle.

I stood in the aisle next to it and scoped the perimeter. Nobody was around. Now’s the perfect time. I scuttled from around the corner and looked over my shoulder as I moved to the erotica section.

My shoulder nudged somebody, and I felt my chest clog up as I gasped and looked ahead. Joshua was holding the book. My eyes were ready to pop out, and my mind froze as I tried to think of an excuse for being there. He blushed and looked as terrified as I was, then lowered his eyes to the pages.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw this book on Friday and …” he said.


“I had to go and see what the party was all about.” His shoulders raised and head tucked in between them, with his bottom lip quivering.

My lips curled, and I clutched his collar and shoved my tongue into his mouth. He put his hands over mine, and I felt that they were soft.


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