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A smile flitted across my face as the tall, hunky guy in a vest walked in front of me. I pictured him banging my brains out, the way hubby did when we met. I had just graduated from college when I met Cane. Several football players had rammed my pussy, but I could never get enough. Cane was more than happy to satisfy my daily cravings, sometimes two or three times.

I loved his broad shoulders, tight pecks and tattoos wrapping his arms. He’d lift me, wrap my legs around him and then shove his big dick into my pussy. I had my arms around him as I jumped on his dick, and he held me while standing. I sighed. The good old days.

Thinking about those times made me wish that Cane had kept up his stamina. I married him a year after we met. He was 38 years old, and I loved that he was wiser and more mature than me. Cane taught me things, but I just wish he had kept banging me as he did for the first few years of our marriage.

Cane retired from the octagon at 42. He had a great career, but he got tired of the stringent workout regimen. Not only did he lose his stamina, but his muscles weakened. I loved having his hard body against mine, but even that was in the past.

After spending another hour at the mall, I decided to head home. Cane always worked up an appetite after training his fighters the whole day. I bought seafood, his favourite, and hoped that his full stomach would prompt him to have full balls, which he’d empty out in me.

I walked into the lounge and heard Cane say, “Straight, then bob and finish with a left hook.” I popped my head into the garden and saw him in pads and a shirtless guy in bike shorts with boxing gloves. My lips curled.

I looked at his torso, then lowered my eyes to his crotch. He was packing. I wished that he would unpack it in me. Cane glanced at me, then instructed his fighter to repeat the routine.

“Hey, honey,” said Cane. “We’ll wrap up shortly.”

I smiled at our guest, and he looked at me and curled the left side of his lips. I saw that he was a naughty boy, just the way I liked them.

Five minutes later, I returned with a water jug and towels. “Looks like you two have been working hard,” I said.

“Jon’s got a big fight on Saturday. He’s making his professional debut.”

I turned to Jon, stuck out my hand and said, “I’m Lory. Nice to meet you.”

He gripped my hand and squeezed it. “It’s nice to meet you, Lory.”

“Ooh, that’s a strong handshake,” I said, smiling. I glanced at his chest and couldn’t prevent my eyes from dipping to his crotch again. He had it going on in all the right places.

“Thanks,” said Jon after I handed him a towel.

“You two should come inside. I’m making seafood. Jon, you’re welcome to join us for dinner.”

He looked at Cane, who nodded, then at me. “Okay, sounds good.”

I heard them chatting in the lounge as I prepared dinner. Hearing Jon’s voice made me think of how much his dick bulged from his tight shorts. I wondered how it would feel in my mouth and pussy. It looked thick, so I could only imagine how loud I’d scream if he shoved it into my pussy.

Cane walked into the kitchen. “What do you think of Jon?” he asked. I smiled. “I think he’s the one. If I can make him a champion, the industry will take me seriously.”

Cane had trained several fighters in the last five years, but none became champions. Some started their careers well, but all lost important bouts before throwing in the towel. Since Cane didn’t have a champion, sponsors wouldn’t endorse him, lenders didn’t feel confident giving him money to open a gym and promoters didn’t take him seriously. We even had to downgrade our lifestyle after he retired from fighting. I’m sure that emasculated him, but he never admitted it.

“He seems like the complete package,” I said.

“He is,” said Cane before grabbing two beers out of the fridge.

I walked into the dining lounge with a dish filled with calamari and prawns. I went back for the mixed vegetables, salad and wine. During dinner, Cane fetched more beers. I poured more wine after finishing a glass. I drank a bottle during dinner.

Cane and Jon went to the lounge, and I walked in with bottles of whisky and wine. I sat between the men and poured drinks as we chatted and laughed. I leaned into Jon several times, and my hand landed on his leg as we burst into laughter.

Two whisky and wine bottles later, coupled with laughter, had relaxed us and made us close friends. I smiled at Cane, and his look showed me that he knew I was attracted to Jon. Hubby winked at me, making me believe that he approved. He knew that he hadn’t satisfied me in bed for some time, so I figured this was his way to make it up to me.

I put my hand on Jon’s leg and kept it there, hoping he’d take the hint and make a move. He leaned forward, put his glass on the table and glanced at Cane. I figured he wanted to see Cane’s reaction. My hand remained on his leg for a few minutes before I raised it past his crotch and rubbed his abdomen. He kept his eyes on my hand and slouched on the couch.

I tilted his face towards mine and kissed him. Our tongues slithered against each other, and I lowered my hands to his crotch. Hubby shifted closer to me and rubbed my pussy over my leggings as I squeezed Jon’s dick over his shorts.

My lips lowered to his chest, and my hand reached into his shorts. I grabbed his dick and whipped it out. I gawked at it, my bottom lip lowering. It was even better than I thought — thick, smooth and beautiful.

I shifted on the couch, digging my knees into the cushions and my mouth hovering over Jon’s dick. Hubby had pulled down my leggings and stood to the side of the couch, my ass perking up to his dick. My mouth engulfed Jon’s dick, and hubby stuck his inside my pussy and spanked my ass.

Hubby really put his back into the thrusting, giving it to me hard as I sucked Jon’s dick. He must’ve felt pressure to make me feel more pleasure than I had with Jon. I rubbed Jon’s balls and heard him murmur. He pressed the back of my head, making me gurgle as his dick shoved into my throat. Tears formed in my eyes, but I loved it.

After sucking Jon for some time, I sat on his dick and rested my chest on his. Hubby stood behind us and put his dick into my ass. I clenched my teeth as he stretched it, making me feel a mixture of pain and pleasure. That was the first dick in my ass. I screamed as Jon thrust, drilling my pussy with his big dick and hubby pounding my ass. I couldn’t believe how much gusto Jon banged me with, considering all the weight on top of him.

My pussy moistened, and my ass stretched. I couldn’t believe how good the pounding was. I screamed and smiled when I got a chance to catch my breath. Sweat had formed on my forehead and I felt it on Jon’s chest.

Hubby pulled his dick out of my ass, and I straightened my back and bounced on Jon. God, his dick going up all the way felt amazing.

A few minutes later, Jon and I stood up, and hubby lay on the couch. I got on my knees on the couch and blew hubby as Jon stood behind us. He put his dick into my pussy and grabbed my waist. Jon thrust so hard and quickly that I felt my core shake. I convulsed and screamed from the hard pounding, feeling as if Jon’s dick went into my stomach.

He kept up the aggressive pounding for some time. My vision blurred, and I thought I was going to pass out. I must’ve had more than three orgasms and felt like Jon would break me in half. It really felt that way. I tried to jerk hubby off as much as I could, but Jon’s pounding made me blank out a few times.

“Oh, God. I’m gonna cum,” said Jon.

I got on my knees in front of him. Hubby got off the couch and stood next to Jon and jerked himself off. Jon’s cum splattered on my face, and I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Jon shot a load onto my tongue, and I heard hubby groan. He unloaded on my face and into my mouth.

I went to the bathroom and wiped the cum off my face.

For the remainder of the week, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jon’s hard pounding. I wanted more. I went to his place on Friday and asked him how he felt about the upcoming fight. He mentioned feeling fatigued because Cane had made him train hard, a bit too hard. He also felt stressed from the tremendous pressure that Cane had exerted on him because he wanted victory.

I nodded, recognising Cane’s exertion on his fighters to establish a name in MMA. I knew that Jon needed to release frustration, so I suggested a blow job. He smiled, and I got on my knees.

He swooped me into his arms and carried me to his bedroom, then pounded me like a wild animal.

Jon’s fight was the following day. Hubby came home after the fight, jubilant and eager to celebrate. He pounded me hard as well.

On Sunday, Jon sent me a text, thanking me for helping him relieve his pressure. He said that I helped him to focus on fighting and made him forget Cane’s expectations.

Jon won his next five bouts. He and I had banged before every fight, and he’d thank me after his victories. Eventually, he became a champion. Cane received sponsors and money from angel investors to open a gym. Not only did we upgrade our lifestyle, but I was regularly banged by two men.

To think that it all started with dinner. I guess it’s true what they say: The way to a man’s dick is through his stomach.



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