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Jeff groaned with his eyes closed, and his head craned back as I blew him. I loved blowing men since I was great at it and used the skill to get whatever I wanted from them. The only thing that I didn’t want was a relationship.

After Jeff came on my face, he pulled his pants up and asked, “You think we could do this next week as well?”

I agreed since he paid for the final semester of my psychology degree. My dream was to have a private practice so I could be the boss and make lots of money. Blowing men was fun, but I had to get off my knees and be independent. I put all my hopes and dreams into getting the psychology degree to live the life that I wanted and feel free.

Jeff dropped me off at the campus, and I walked into Professor Hoffman’s class. He had a long, grey beard, dishevelled hair and wore shirts with elbow patches and tattered, khaki pants. The only thing that he had going for him was psychology knowledge.

At the end of the class, he said, “Good luck with your final exam next week. Study hard. Oh, and I’ve marked your assignments. You can collect them from me on your way out.”

I stood last in the queue, smiling, knowing that a B, at the very least, was imminent. That would bring me one step closer to getting my degree.

My forehead wrinkled, and my eyebrows neared as I gaped at the assignment “An F? What the hell is this?” I asked.

“Excuse me, Ms Miller?”

“Sorry, Prof, but this is ridiculous. How could I get an F?”

“There was key information that you missed. You went into great detail about forensic psychology as it applies today, but you failed to give the history and how it evolved throughout the years.”

“That wasn’t part of the question.”

“Ms Miller, I expect my students to dig deeper than the surface level stuff. After all, you are studying psychology, not skincare.”

I gaped at him and shook my head. “I can’t believe this.”

“You’ll get over it. Just like I had to get over not having my wife around.”

Which woman in her right mind would want to be with you anyway? My lips were tight as I glared at him, but I knew that fighting him would only make things worse. I stormed out and flung the assignment into the bin.

My mind was in disarray, so I sat on the curb by the parking lot and smoked a cigarette. That bastard has it in for me. He’s probably cranky because he hasn’t been laid in years. There’s no way I’m going to let him flunk me on my final. I have to do something. I didn’t know what that solution was, but I knew that it would come to me.

As I stood up and flicked the bud, I saw the professor walking to his car. I snorted a laugh when seeing his jalopy, which was a mess like his appearance.

A week had passed, and I was on my way to the exam room. I hadn’t come up with a solution about how to get the professor to treat me fairly, but having studied hard boosted my confidence. The four-hour exam had taken a toll on my head and gave me hand cramps. I walked out of the room feeling confident about my performance, but I wasn’t sure how Professor Hoffman would react.

I got home and checked my emails. One of the emails was from the organisers of the Wall Party, which was a monthly blowjob fiasco close to the campus. I attended most of the events because it gave me an opportunity to suck some dick without getting a reputation for being a slut. The anonymity was great because guys would stick their dicks through a hole in the wall, and the women would suck them off without ever meeting each other.

The party was tonight. Since my mind felt bogged down, I knew that blowing men would help me take my mind off things.

The organiser showed me the three open cubicles. I chose the middle one. A guy’s dick was hanging out of the hole, and I decided to take off all my clothes like always to submerge myself in the fantasy. His dick was thick and about fifteen centimetres long. His tip was bright red. I loved that since it showed me that he was ready for a good suck. His foreskin made me believe that he was a mature gentleman, but I was used to that.

I got on my knees, grabbed his dick and slowly stroked it. I liked taking it slow to get him even more in the mood. After about ten strokes, I licked his head. I saw that more blood had rushed to it, and he was eager to spurt out his semen. My tongue circled the head as I continued the slow strokes.

I kissed the head, then engulfed it with my lips. I squeezed his dick twice and felt it get harder. The blue vein sticking out looked so strong and made me horny, so I rubbed my pussy. I sped up the stroking while keeping my lips on his head.

After doing that for about a minute, I put my hands on the wall and engulfed his dick. I licked the bottom of his dick as my head moved back and forth. I pulled back but had his dick on my bottom lip while licking his tip. Something about that turned me on.

I grabbed his dick and rattled it in my mouth, with his head bouncing off my lips and tongue. I shoved it into my mouth and gurgled as I felt his head going into my throat. Tears formed in my eyes, and my face flushed. I kept his dick in my mouth despite feeling a lack of oxygen and tears coursing down my cheeks. After about two minutes, I pulled away and took a few breaths.

His dick was more erect and the tip was redder. Seeing that he was turned on, I ran my hands over my chest, down to my abdomen and over my pussy. My eyes closed, and my lips parted as I stimulated my clitoris. It felt good, but I wanted his dick back in my mouth.

I put my lips over his head and slid them down his dick. I liked it in my mouth, but I also wanted to touch it, so I grabbed it and sucked it until my lips pressed against my fingers. He got even harder, which I didn’t think was possible. I squeezed his dick again and sucked it faster.

His load shot into my mouth, and I heard him groan. He sounded like a mature gentleman, which made me smile because I felt I had power over them despite being only twenty-one years old.

I spat out the cum and wiped my lips with my hand, then got dressed.

As I walked out of the front door and past the cars, I stopped and frowned. Oh, my God. That’s Professor Hoffman’s car. I looked back at the venue and thought about the guy I blew. Was that him? Did I just blow my professor?

I grimaced from feeling squeamish, but the disgust on my face faded as I thought about how I could use it to my advantage. That’s perfect. I knew the solution would come to me.

There was no way I would leave my final exam mark to chance. I had to be sure that I got a great mark, which I deserved. Knowing that the professor liked blowjobs was the solution to my problems.

I knocked on his office the following afternoon. “Ah, Ms Miller. How may I be of assistance?”

“I wanted to talk to you about my exam. I studied extremely hard for it, and I want to make sure that I’m going to get the mark that I deserve.”

“You will. I’ve always marked fairly,”

He stood up and turned to the draw behind his desk before rummaging through papers. His remark about him marking fairly made me nervous, and I thought about the possibility of failing. There’s no way I’m gonna let that happen. Now’s the perfect time, Brooke.

I stood behind him while he rummaged through the papers, then got on my knees. As he turned around, my face was in front of his crotch. I pulled down his zipper, and he flinched back and frowned while looking down at me.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing, Ms Miller?”

“Reliving our experience from last night.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“The Wall Party. You were there.”

“What are you on about?”

“Oh, come now, professor. I saw your car in the parking lot. You like to get down and dirty just like me. I’m the one who blew you last night at the Wall Party.”

“Ms Miller. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was at home last night with my wife.”

“Your wife?”

“Yes, I’m married.”

“What about you saying that you had to get used to not having your wife around? I thought she was dead.”

“No. She was visiting her sick sister. Actually, she asked if our son has been taking care of the car since I gave it to him to fetch her from the airport, and he’s had it since.”

“So, you’re saying that it might’ve been him at that party?” He kept staring at me while frowning, then handed me a paper. “What’s this?” I asked.

“It’s your exam.”

I got off my knees and looked at the circled A. “Yay!” I shrieked. “I passed.”

“Congratulations, not that it’s going to matter since I’m reporting a sexual harassment case to the Dean. Good luck getting into another university after you’re expelled.”


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